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Popular Pinguin: Throne of Glass Enamel Pin


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Introducing out newest pin series: Popular Pinguins. A collection of popular modern YA and Adult novels in hard enamel pin form! 

Each Pinguin will have a coloured cover that matches the original book, as well as an iconic symbol that any fan should recognise! 

Each month we will release a new Popular Pinguin, and each one will be limited edition, so once we've sold them all we wont be ordering anymore. 

This listing is for the Throne of Glass pin. This pin will features a dark grey/purple to match the original cover, plus a wyrdmark of course! 

This is a hard enamel pin, with gold-plated metal, and measures approximately 3cm. Two rubber backings hold your pin perfectly in place.

Each pin comes packaged on a special backing card and inside a plastic sleeve to prevent scratches.

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